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Discover the secrets of the Cold War in the bunker museum in South Tyrol

Visit the BunkerMuseum in Dobbiaco/Toblach in the heart of the Dolomites. Embedded in the authentic setting of a bunker from the time of the Cold War, the bunker museum in South Tyrol offers all visitors the opportunity to discover the secret aspects of the Cold War as part of a unique experience. "Hands-on history" at its best for everyone, from 0-99!



3800 m3 concrete

550 truckloads

10 meters below earth

5-8 meters strong walls

30 soldiers garrison

Bunker always in standby

Part of defense line Toblach

One of 10 bunkers part of this defense line

Authentic Experience
History hands-on

Immerse yourself in one of the originally preserved Cold War bunkers. This is one of the few remaining visitable NATO cold-war era fortifications. The bunker's purpose was to prevent an attack by the Red Army through the Pustertal. This underground facility provides an unparalleled opportunity to feel the recent history up close and experience the atmosphere of this once-secret installation.

Uncover the secrets of the Cold War
Discover what we did not know

Immerse yourself in the hidden dimensions of the Cold War, as this bunker was designed as a secret fortress that could have played a crucial role in that era. Discover the covert operations, espionage, and operational strategies concealed behind these walls.

Explore the world of intelligence agencies and spies
James Bond 007 was here!

We show you the secret activitiers of various intelligence agencies and spies during the Cold War and beyond in the Dolomites. Files, documents, and biographies related to espionage as it occurred here. Gain insights into the dark world of espionage, counter-espionage, and the high-stakes games of that era.

History hands-on
For young and old, experts and casual visitors alike

All the aforementioned themes are vividly and compellingly shown in the Bunker Museum. The combination of the location and the didactics, especially with the use of new technologies, allows one to "touch history" and experience it up close. A visit to the Bunker Museum in South Tyrol is, therefore, an emotional journey, primarily serving as an educational institution for younger generations. Of course, the Bunker Museum is open as an attraction to all interested individuals, whether well-versed enthusiasts, casual visitors, families, or people of all ages and backgrounds.

Sponsoring Institution

Cultural Association Pro Historia

Tourist attraction and a platform for divulging history accessible to all

This project is carried out by the cultural association Pro Historia. It is dedicated to the sustainable preservation and communication of local history. On one hand, it focuses on territorial sustainability. The bunker is one of approximately 360 similar structures throughout South Tyrol. After their disarmament in the mid-1990s, these facilities came under the ownership of the South Tyrol region, which subsequently sold them to private individuals starting in the early 2000s. However, most buyers were interested in the surrounding grounds rather than the structures themselves. As a result, many of these structures remain unused today. The aim is to breathe new life into an existing structure and revive dormant cultural assets of our territory.

The Bunker Museum in South Tyrol aims to present the history of the 20th century, embedded in the recent history of our region, in an exciting and experiential manner. Macro and micro histories converge, creating an engaging mix that appeals to both tourists and locals alike. This project targets schools of all levels and aims to make history an interesting and playful subject for students. Through a hands-on history concept, students are intended to develop enthusiasm for the subject. The planned gradual expansion of this offering to schools outside our region, including Italy, Austria, and Germany, aims to teach and live European integration through this structure that once divided but now narrates. Especially in times like these, it is crucial to take an interest in what was, or at least be informed, to better understand the present.

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