Deeply underground we are glad to present you on 200 m2 - in a shell of 3.600 m3 of concrete and steel - an adventurous historical parcours between past and present.

The longer you can look back, the farther you can look forward.
— Winston Churchill







  • An adventurous discovery of a cold war-era bunker for everyone from 5-99 of age

  • The troubled history of South Tyrol in the course of the 20th century betwenn fascisms, insurgency and the fight for autonmy

  • Exposition about the Dolomite alpine front in the First World War

  • Grenzgeschichten aus dem hiesigen Grenzgebiet zu Österreich (Schmuggel, Schließung der Grenze im Zeitalter der Faschismen, Öffnung der Grenze dank dem Schengener Abkommen 1998)

  • Interactive installations

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All photos have been provided by Covi Claudio - Photo Kromar and Nadja Stauder.